Roman Citizen: Day One

A New Film Shot in Kentucky!

Outrider Studios and Light Forge Productions are producing a new film called Roman Citizen. The film is written and directed by Italian filmmaker Luca Elmi and is being shot in Louisville, Ky. After many months of pre-production and one intense “camera test” day, we finally started principal photography! Take a look at some of the photos from today’s set!

Outrider Studios, Film Production

The Gillespie

Roman Citizen is utilizing several Kentucky locations for the production. This picture is from the Gillespie of Louisville. The Gillespie is an old building that once housed a bank – now it is used for events like weddings, receptions, and balls. Today, our art-team has transformed the building back into a bank for our film!

David Stickler, Roman Citizen, Outrider Studios

First AD: David Stickler

David Stickler, our first Assistant Director, is in charge of keeping the train on the tracks during production! Here he is working on call-sheets for tomorrow’s shoot.

Director Luca Elmi

Luca Elmi, our director, points out positions on the floor for the actors. Elmi is an awarding winning director from Milan, Italy. This is Elmi’s first film in the United States

Kevin Crisp, Outrider Studios, Ronin Rig

The Easy Rig

Kevin Crisp, second camera operator, works the Easyrig before production starts. The Easyrig allows Crisp to move around the set while supporting the camera weight on his hips/back. The Easyrig also gives the shot a smooth motion similar to a steadicam.

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