Roman Citizen: Days Two and Three

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Last Days in the Bank

The Kentucky production of Roman Citizen is currently in the middle of day three! We are finishing up the majority of the bank scenes and are beginning to prep for our company move tomorrow. The cast and crew have been tremendous!  We’re really excited about the images that we’re seeing in the monitors and can’t wait to share them with you. In the meantime, check out some pictures from the last two days!

Brennan Clark, Outrider Studios

Camera Operator: Brennan Clark

Brennan Clark takes a short break from operating the steadicam.

Hunter Curry, Outrider Studios

Director of Photography: Hunter Curry

Hunter Curry establishes his next shot as the actors block the scene with the director.


Actor: Josh Kroll

Actor Josh Kroll discuss the next scene with our director, Luca Elmi.

Outrider Studios

RED Cameras

The film Roman Citizen is being shot on a variety of cameras, including a RED EPIC, SCARLET, RED ONE-MX, and a variety of Canon DSLRs. Here is the EPIC on steadicam.

Outrider Studios

Gaffer: Matt(y) Ware

Gaffer Matt Ware inspects the light coming down from an 18K fernel. The Gillespie is over 30,000SQF and Matty and his team brought the old building to life with equipment provided by KY Grip and Lighting.

Outrider Studios

Our Talent!

A couple of our very talented actresses take a break while on set of the Roman Citizen film.

Outrider Studios, Roman Citizen

Director: Luca Elmi

Director Luca Elmi looks excited as we prep for the next scene!

outrider studios

Behind the Scenes

We have a variety of talented artists shooting behind the scenes video. Here, JD Pavkovich lines up a shot of the bank heist scene.

Behind the Scenes: Cayce Crown

Cayce Crown, the director of the BTS segment that will be featured on the DVD, shoots from above as the scene unfolds on the ground floor.

outrider studios, roman citizen

Last Minute Adjustments

Brennan Clark discusses some last minute adjustments with director Luca Elmi.

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